Investment & Innovation

Hands-on Ownership

We are a privately owned company located in Salo, southern Finland with decades of experience on owning and managing technology companies. Our strategy is to take an active role in private companies we invest in, for mutual beneficial results.


In addition to investing, we also develop innovations. The latest example is Remoran Oy and it's sailboat hydroelectric generator. We are constantly thinking of new ideas that can be grown to full companies.


We are looking for companies we can use our expertise to help grow. Contact us if you are in need of investment and hands-on business management expertise.

Remoran Oy

Green energy boating

PASATEL Oy is the parent company of Remoran Oy and holds 100% of the shares since 2017

Salo Seaport Oy

Parent company of Seaport Logistics SL Oy

PASATEL Oy owns 49% of shares of Salo Seaport Oy since 2010

3D Printing Service

We use 3D printing for rapid prototyping. We also offer 3D printing as a service.

Contact Us

Please contact CEO Santeri Aura.

Harventajankuja 3
24130 Salo FINLAND

+358 40 514 66 75

Board of Directors

Pekka Aura

Santeri Aura, MD
Member, CEO

Samuli Aura, MSc