Investment & Innovation

Better Solutions for Renewable Energy Production

We are a privately owned company located in Salo, southern Finland.

Investment Innovation Services


PASATEL Oy creates new innovations utilizing the possibilities offered by mechanics and/or mechatronics. Currently we are concentrating on Renewable Energy Production solutions.

3D Printing Service

In addition to our capability to print large objects, we offer design assistance for your mechanical and mechatronics projects. Our design services will help our customers achieve quality 3D items quickly and reliably. Larger projects will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

CAD Solidworks

We use industry standard software for best results.

Quick prototyping

Small 3D printer by Prenta Oy
Printing area 20 * 40 * 20 cm

Large capacity

Large 3D printer by BigRep GmbH
Printing area 110 * 105 * 100 cm

Sturdy prototypes

Printed items can be put through demanding physical trials.



“meant for MEMS”

Company designs, manufactures and sells automatic test systems for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) producers worldwide. The products are innovative, reliable and therefore very competitive. AFORE Oy is based in Turku.

PASATEL Oy has been a shareholder from 2006 and holds 11 % of the shares of the company.


Supplier of Durable User Interfaces

Company develops and manufactures user interfaces for demanding environments. The products are used in conditions requiring high wear resistance and absolute operating reliability. SCREENTEC Oy is based in Oulu.

PASATEL Oy has been a shareholder from 2006 and holds 26 % of the shares of the company.



Salo Seaport Oy's maritime harbor offers services to paper and pulp industry, energy, special cargo, logging and raw material sectors of various kinds as well as logistics operators in the Salo area.

PASATEL Oy has been a shareholder from 2010 and holds 49 % of the shares of the company.

We are looking for new possibilities to invest in growing high tech companies.

Contact Us

Please contact CEO Pekka Aura for any queries.

Harventajankuja 3
24130 Salo FINLAND

+358 400 825 851

Board of Directors

Pekka Aura
Chair, CEO

Samuli Aura, MSc

Santeri Aura, MD